Record Elect Gtr

Record Electric Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. American-made with genuine P90 double humbucker pickups. It excels at chunky riffs, rhythm stabs, fat sustained chords, big arpeggio patterns and the famous “creamy” lead sound. It sounds big and warm going through the Woogie valve amp.

Ibanez Roadstar II S Series. Made in Japan with retrofitted American Fender Lace noiseless pickups for a clean Strat sound. Great for faster, choppy chord sequences needing more space around the notes. Works well with big reverb and effects.

EKO Model 200. Vintage Italian-made archtop hollow-body recreating the sounds of the 60’s. Its unique chunky, fat sound with a woody tone adds an old-school flavour.

Fatten your sound by double tracking. Record the track again for a richer, thicker sound.

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