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Are you listening to your music and thinking that one or more of the tracks aren’t quite right? You can replace existing tracks and/or add new tracks to your mix. Whether you need to replace a track that isn’t working for you or add something extra to finish your song or instrumental. Enjoy the sound of an expertly played and professionally recorded instrument playing in the style of your choice.

All the guitars are recorded through the ART valve pre-amp using the high quality Studio Projects TB1 valve and the Electro Voice RE20 dynamic microphones. Choose your guitar and the type of amplifier you’d like too.
Record several tracks to fill out your mix and give it the full sound required for broadcast standard. Double tracking guitars for a full stereo placement. Complete string or brass parts with full harmonies can make all the difference to your mix. You may need a different arrangement for the bridge or more instruments to power up the chorus.

Send your material minus the tracks you want recorded. Include reference tracks with the type of sounds and playing you’re after. Receive the new tracks in return. You can suggest changes and the new tracks can be sent directly to you or the finished song can be mixed and mastered for you first.

You  may be able to work collaboratively with me by connecting through  VST Transit, a free app by Steinberg.

Electric Guitars

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 
American-made electric guitar with genuine P90 double humbucker pickups. Use the rhythm switch for a fat, warm tone and the lead switch for more bite.


Ibanez Roadstar II S series
Japanese-made vintage electric guitar, custom retrofitted with American Fender Lace Noiseless pickups. The five stage switch  can produce a variety of clean Strat sounds.


Vintage 1966 Eko Model 200
Italian archtop hollowbody electric guitar. Add a chunky fat sound with a woody tone for an old-school flavour.

Acoustic Guitars

Ovation model 1111
Acoustic steel string guitar. American-made, custom fitted with a D-band transducer. A rich deep sounding guitar with extended bottom end and sparkly bright tops.


Cordoba nylon string guitar,
Authentic Spanish-made cutaway with a Fishman transducer. A warm, resonant sound with a responsive and richly detailed recording quality.

Bass Guitars

Schecter bass guitar 
Rosewood fretboard, alder body for a warm sustained tone and hand-wound custom pickups for added presence.


Aria Pro II bass guitar
Japanese-made with a punchy clean sound. Perfect for rock, blues, disco, funk and jazz.


Lanikai Ukulele

The genuine Hawaiian Lanikai ukulele. Featuring a solid spruce top with quilt ash back and sides and the detail of the Fishman Sonicore pickups combined with a deluxe valve mic and valve preamp. Finger picking or chord patterns will add charm in a clear naturally warm tone to your music.

Sampler, Drums & Percussion and Synthesisers

Sampled sounds from realistic strings, brass and grand piano to harp and world instruments or anything else you can think of. I’m sure to have the sound you  want in my library, containing thousands of different quality sounds.

Tuned percussion such as marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, steel drum,
tympani and world percussion. If you can think of it I can add it in.


Synth bass and software synths. Experience the latest synth sounds. Specify the sound you want or send audio examples to hear all your favourite sounds in the mix.


Custom drums and percussion tracks with a full set of instruments can replace or supplement your existing tracks.
Select from traditional rock and jazz kits to any electronic kits of your choice. Send in samples of the kit you want and I will match it.
Any combination of standard, world or orchestral percussion is also available.

Valve & Dynamic Microphones


Record any of the guitars with a Studio Projects TB1 valve microphone to capture a detailed and smooth top end sound and the Electro Voice RE20 dynamic mic, the classic Motown sound perfect for rich mids and a fat bass sound.

Valve & Vintage Amps

Woogie 50 W Valve Amp



The hand-built, all-valve-gain stage amp has six valves with a dedicated valve pregain stage and a Celestion G12H British-made speaker. It gives you a true valve sound that is detailed and harmonically warm and rich. Similar to a Mesa Boogie.

Roland GA 120 Vintage Amp


Record with a vintage 1978 solid state amp famous for its pure tone. The clean channel is perfect for jazz, funk and country plus the overdrive channel produces a modern high-gain effect for rock.

Available Sampled Instruments & Sounds

keyboards blue
Acoustic Keyboards
Piano – Bosendorfer, Steinway & Yamaha concert
Prepared, felt, bowed & plucked pianos.
Harpsichord, spinet & clavichord.
Electric Keyboards
Rhodes, Farfisa
Oberheim OB-8, Arp (2600 & Solina), Korg (Polysix, Triton & T1), Roland (Jupiter 8 & Juno 60), Buchla.
Hammond B3, pipe organ (church & symphonic).

Guitars icon
Acoustic Guitars
Steel String – Ibanez, Seagull, 12 string, lap steel, slide, eBow, flat pick, finger pick, ambient, cinematic, harmonics.
Nylon String – Ramirez, Aria, classical.
Electric Guitars
Les Paul, Telecaster, Fender Jaguar, harmonics, ambient, cinematic.
Bass Guitars
Acoustic Bass – Washburn acoustic, double bass, broom stick bass, twine bass.
Electric Bass – Fender Jazz, Ibanez, Yamaha.

Snare drum blue
Drums & Percussion
Acoustic kits – Funk, metal, Jazz brushes & sticks, retro, rock, heavy rock, soul, pop, Nashville, ambient, punk, hip hop, ballad, cinematic
Electronic kits – Roland (including TR series), Oberheim, Linn Drum, Simmons.
European, Afro-Cuban, East Asian, Middle Eastern,
Indian, Latin, West African, orchestral, marching band, mixed world music.
Pitched Percussion
Music box, bells, wine glasses, bowls, toy piano, gamelan, imbibaphones, metallophones.

coductor1 blue
Violins (I & II), violas, celli, double basses.
Trumpets, trombones, tubas, french horns, saxophones.
Flutes (concert, piccolo, alto & bass), clarinets (Eb & bass), oboes, bassoons, english horns.
Timpani, tubular bells, glockenspiel, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, celesta, cymbals.
Concert & Celtic.
Men, women & boys choirs & mixed vocals.

World music icon blue
World Instruments – Pitched
Kalimba (mbira), berimbau.
Koto, shakuhachi, gu zheng, bamboo recorder, didgeridoo
Music box, bells, wine glasses, bowls, toy piano, gamelan, imbibaphones, metallophones.
Sitar, harmonium, sarangi, tarang.
Middle East
Duduk, santur, bouzuk, oud, tar, kanuun.
South America

speaker blue
Sound Design
Ambient pads, waterharp, ambient guitars, ethereal
Cinematic Sound FX
Risers, fallers, sweepers, flybys, whooshes, transitions
Environmental Sound FX
Nature, environment & synthetic effects.


Plus a large and comprehensive software synthesiser collection.