Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. The Agreement
The agreement between the client and Rob Transini (RT) begins once:
1. the client completes the online booking or order form satisfactorily,
2. the client has provided all the audio and written material sufficient to begin the session,
3. RT has received the cleared payment for the entire booking.


2. Production & Post Production
The work will be performed at a professional standard and manner as specified on the website and printed materials.
All aspects of the production and post production work remain the Intellectual Property of RT.
All the client’s files, including files sent by the client will be deleted 28 days after the job is completed.


3. Indemnity
The client accepts responsibility for the commercial exploitation and mass production of all files accepted and paid for from RT.
The client further indemnifies RT against any losses, damage costs or expenses and shall pay RT all costs incurred from:
• cancellation of a booking
• any breach of copyright
• any illegal, libelous or obscene material.


4. Liability
Should the studio suffer a breakdown or become inoperable due to forces beyond its control, the client may choose to rebook or have a refund.
The client shall immediately inform RT of any defective or damaged files received.
RT shall repair or replace any defective or damaged file sent to the client within the 28 day storage period without any further liability.
RT shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage or potential economic loss or loss of profits due to any fault in the studio operation or act of omission by RT.


5. Refund Terms
The booking fee will be refunded if the client isn’t satisfied with the mp3 production files sent to the client for approval.
There is no refund if the client:
• has approved previous stages of the production process or the final master recordings or mixes,
• has decided not to proceed with the booking or the submitted material,
• has not communicated relevant information to RT for more than two weeks.


6. Copyright
All tracks remain the property of their copyright owners. Accordingly,
• all production work performed by RT on behalf of the client may be used in any way as seen fit by the client,
• all RT library tracks are licensed non-exclusively as per their license type by the client


7. Library Tracks Use
The client is permitted to edit and alter with effects the licensed library track. The altered or derivative track remains the copyright property of RT and may only be used within the originally purchased license conditions.
The client is not permitted to:
• share, lend, sub-license, resell, copy, give, transfer or lease the library track to any third party for any purpose,
• use the library tracks in the production of other works,
• use the library track as a ringtone.