Studio Design & Build

Studio Design & Build

Make your space work for you.

Clever design to hear your music and not the room.

Room acoustics and treatments, work stations and more.

Link up with an award-winning studio designer and builder to design and build your next studio.

Use multiple acoustic technologies in tandem to produce outstanding music for commercial broadcast.

Capitalsound studio formerly known as Industry Studios won back-to-back state awards for “The Most Outstanding Recording Studio” in 2004 &2005 from the South Australian Music Industry Association. Custom designed and custom built for exceptional quality and functionality.

resized layout

Enjoy a room with the style that reflects your personality and the
functionality for a seamless work flow.

Convert an existing room or build a control room from scratch with one
or more connected recording rooms.

Commission a recording studio control room with a design emphasis

  • Room Acoustics – The room modes (axial, tangential and oblique)
    are analysed, wall and floor materials are assessed and the type
    and layout of the treatment options determined.
  • Acoustic Treatments – A flat equalisation signature and a soundproof
    environment are vital. Bass traps, acoustic panels, absorption
    screens and diffusors working together to create a balanced
    room response curve.
  •  Desk/Workstation – select from a range of prebuilt studio desks
    or a custom design suited to your room and work style.
  •  Studio Monitors – selection and placement. Your monitors are the
    most important piece of gear in the studio. All your audio decisions
    are based on how accurately you can hear the sound as it actually
    is. We will work with you to find the perfect monitoring system and
    the best installation with either a free standing or soffit speaker
CS Con Room 2 larger

Order custom design plans for DIY projects or
have a complete studio package built to your

All designs are double checked and drawn up
by a qualified archtitect.

Your studio build is expertly project managed*
every step of the way until completion and
final approval. *Adelaide only.

Easy multi-stage payment plans suited to your
budget and time line.

Ask for a quick quote
tailored to your needs within 48 hours.

Capitalsound Studio, the control room features the “snake head” design with a free -standing inner skin, side bass traps, back diffusor and extensive soundproofing. The main recording room has large side sound absorbers
with acoustic ceiling tiles. Various treatments are used in the smaller rooms.

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Custom Studio Design Quote

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