Song Packages

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A song can start with just the melody and some verse. Some times you have the chord chart while other times you have a firm idea on how it all should sound. Whichever way you start, have the song finished and sounding the way you want.
Choose the number and type of professional backing tracks composed around your vocals.
Use a variety of sampled and acoustic and electric instruments to shape your sound.
Send in or record your vocals with Live Mix*.
Enjoy an expert mix and master for a finished commercial broadcast standard song ready for release and airplay.


Song Packages tracks can have all the instruments available in Track Record. These include electric and acoustic guitars and basses, a wide variety of synths and sampled orchestral and world instruments, drums and percussion. The live instruments are deluxe recorded with live amps and valve inputs. The mix is mastered onto tape for the highest broadcast quality standard.

Work exclusively with a producer dedicated to giving you a professional result.

Any style and genre of your choice. Have acoustic or soft-synths instruments or a combination of both in your song. Record extra tracks.

Deluxe recording on all acoustic and electric instruments, using
– valve preamps,
– valve and dynamic microphones,
– valve and vintage amps.

3 stage payment plan. Pay only after approving each ongoing stage.
– An initial deposit of 1/4 the fee for a song report and audio sketch.
– Approve the sketch. Pay another 1/2 to receive the production mix.
– Approve production mix. Pay the final 1/4 payment for all the files.
– Receive the final stereo master and all the separate audio tracks plus midi files.

I guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your finished song or your money back.

*Vocals recording fees are extra.

The Process


Included Extras

Valve & Dynamic Microphones


Record any of the guitars with a Studio Projects TB1 valve microphone to capture a detailed and smooth top end sound and the Electro Voice RE20 dynamic mic, the classic Motown sound perfect for rich mids and a fat bass sound.

Valve & Vintage Amps

Woogie 50 W Valve Amp

Woogie Amp


The hand-built all valve gain stage amp has six valves with a dedicated valve pregain stage and a Celestion G12H British made speaker. It gives you a true valve sound that is detailed and harmonically warm and rich. Similar to a Mesa Boogie.

Roland GA 120 Vintage Amp

Roland GA 120 Amp

Record with a vintage 1978 solid state amp famous for its pure tone clean channel perfect for jazz, funk and country plus the overdrive channel giving a modern high gain effect for rock.


Choose the valve option to add a distinctive analog quality to the mix by passing the mix through the twin 12AX7A valves of the Art Tube Preamp system. Finish with a warmer and punchier sound that has more detail and texture.


Take the tape option to mixdown to Swiss-made Studer ReVox B77 for the real, authentic, original, sound of tape. Calibrated to Ampex 407 Mastering tape. Using only fresh tape, the high frequencies become silkier and smoother, the mid tones gain presence while the bass tightens up and becomes more solid from the subtle tape compression.

Audio Consult

Song Report
In-depth analysis and advice

Receive a comprehensive and in-depth report highlighting ways to develop
the continuity and impact of the song as a whole by strengthening and organising individual sections.

Producer Consultation
One-on-one workshop

Have a one-on-one prepared session to workshop your song or instrumental.
Link up with phone or messenger for 30 minutes for an informed and constructive discussion.

Professional analysis of your song with advice on,

  1. melody – new melodic ideas to revitalise a song section
  2. harmonies – alternatives and extensions for longer and new sections
  3. structure – organise your song to make better use of your ideas
  4. backing tracks and arrangement – new ideas for better backings
  5. specific questions – answers to any questions about your song*

* compositional aspects only, not software issues.