AV Consultation

AV Consultation

Song Report – In-depth analysis and written advice.

Receive a comprehensive report highlighting ways to develop the continuity and impact of your song by strengthening and organising individual song sections.

Producer Consultation – One-on-one workshop.

Have a one-on-one prepared workshop for your song or instrumental. Link up with phone or skype for an intense 30 minute session of informed and constructive dialogue.

Both options offer a professional analysis with prepared advice on

  1. Melody – new melodic ideas to revitalise the song section.
  2.  Harmonies –  alternatives and extensions for longer and new sections.
  3.  Structure – organise your song  to make better use of your ideas.
  4.  Backing Tracks and Arrangement – new ideas for better backings.
  5.  Specific Questions – answers to any questions about your song.

Order a Song Report or a Producer Consultation if you have any doubts about your song structure or you want to explore your options before you commit to a purchase. Send in your song, including any details and within 3 to 5 days receive professional advice on how to bring out the best in your material.

1. Upload your files to your file hosting service.
2. Please send your links & details to info@robtransini.com