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Take your music to full commercial release.

Mastering for airplay.

Stereo & 5.1 Surround with valves & tape warmth.

Stem mastering.



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Mastering lifts the finished stereo mix quality up to broadcast standard.

Your mix will be carefully equalised to increase the clarity of the lower mid-range, the bass tightened and balanced in context of the whole mix, the upper mid-range smoothed and the top end made silky and bright. Digital clicks and noise are removed.
The mix is then checked and adjusted for phase coherency and full mono compatibility in small stereo systems. Volume is boosted with maximum dynamic gain to full commercial levels. Extraneous sections are edited out and fades done.
The end result is a tonally balanced mix that’s easy on the ear and ready for full commercial airplay in any available format.

Master Pro EQ



Choose the valve option to add a distinctive analogue quality to the mix by passing the mix through the twin 12AX7A valves of the Art Tube Preamp system. Finish with a warmer and punchier sound that has more detail and texture.


Take the tape option to mixdown to Swiss-made Studer ReVox B77 for the real, authentic, original, sound of tape. Calibrated to Ampex 407 Mastering tape. Using only fresh tape, the high frequencies become silkier and smoother, the mid tones gain presence while the bass tightens up and becomes more solid from the subtle tape compression.

Delivery Time
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Mastering generally takes 3 – 5 working days to complete once your files and payment are received.
Proportionately more time for greater numbers. Express Delivery guarantees a mix in 24 hours and can be ordered with the Extras icon above.

All files are stored for 28 days only after release so please back up your files on receipt.