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A once-only fee covers you for all possible future uses of these tracks for each license type.
Individual instrumentals and songs can be purchased directly from the Library Shop. Select from the “Use” drop-down menu in the track listing before purchase to identify how you’ll be using the track. Different fees are applied to different uses. You can add a track to your “Wish List” for future reference. Watermarked demo mp3’s can be downloaded for you to try out with your project before purchasing the high quality music track. Tracks can also be shared to Facebook and their links emailed.
Some tracks come with a number of variations which have similar or related themes but different moods and instrumentation.

In House

Personal usage for individuals. Corporate media and intranet within the one building.


Individual and corporate internet usage and intranet over multiple building sites.


TV, radio, video, film, audio books and “on-hold” audio for any type of public distribution.




After purchase, you receive your invoice statement confirming your right to use the track according to your license type.
Tracks are automatically downloaded as WAV (16 bit, 44.1kHz) files.

N.B. Please note that individuals and companies purchasing broadcast licenses are required to fill out and submit a cue sheet to the broadcaster so that public distribution fees may be paid by the broadcaster to APRA on the composer’s behalf.
Go to for more information.

AV Consult       How it Works

AV Consult       Search

Your music tracks can be found by using the 3 filter boxes under the main page image. The first one can be used repeatedly to further refine your search criteria. For example, use it once to find the main category, say “Ambient”. This will generate a list of tracks in this category. Say you’re looking for an ambient piece with a trumpet as the featured instrument then open the filter again and select “trumpet” to further refine the list. This can be repeated until the track list is empty. The two other filters, dedicated to duration and tempo can be used in a similar way.

AV Consult       Customise

Any tracks in the search results list with a customise “customise-red ” icon are able to be customised to your specifications.

Replace one or more instruments with different instruments, such as replacing the drums with a different kit or changing the lead instrument to change the feel of the music.
Add more tracks for a bigger and fuller sound or delete one or more tracks for a more minimal approach.
Edit the music for a shorter or longer piece. Delete or insert previous sections to suit your project.
Dramatic changes are possible when a combination of track replace, add and delete are used.

The new piece is then mixed the way you want with effects of your choice and mastered with a free revision included. Each edit or set of edits needs a new mix and master. Normally $190 if ordered separately, here $95 plus the fee for the track license. There is a once-only mixing and mastering fee for any number of edits on the one track.

Contact me for a quick quote on what it would cost to have your selected track sounding just the way you want it.

Customise Quote

Delivery Time       Delivery Time

Customising takes 3 – 5 working days to complete once your files and payment are received. Proportionately more time for greater numbers. Inquire about the 24 hour Express Delivery option.