How does it all work?

  1. Place an order from the relevant page or from the order form and upload your audio files (along with any
    instructions and audio examples of similar mixes.)
  2. An email is sent to you confirming the purchase details and file transfer.
  3. Receive a draft mp3 when your files are ready. You approve the mp3 or send in a list of revisions.
  4. Receive a final mp3. If approved you’re sent a master wav. If not, then a few more revisions or your money back.
    A free mix revision is included. Additonal and unlimited revisions can also be purchased.

How do I prepare my files for delivery to you?

The better the recording quality, the better the end result.

The preferred file type for Mix & Master is WAV, 24bit/48kHz.


  1. Send only WAV & AIFF audio files (no DAW session or mp3 files) up to 32bit/192kHz. No clipped or distorted files.
  2. Set all the faders to zero and bypass all reverbs, compression and eq. Leave all musical effects like chorus, flange, delay, etc.
  3. Label all the tracks really clearly with the track instrument name and number, e.g. elect guitar 1.
  4. Export all the tracks from the same starting point regardless of where the music in different tracks starts.


  1. Send your best quality WAV & AIFF stereo files (no mp3 files) up to 32bit/192kHz. No clipped or distorted files.
  2. No limiting or compression and leave 3dB headroom (-3dB peak level).

How do I send my files to you?

  1. Place each set of export files in their own folder and label each folder with Artist Name-Song Name-BPM.
  2. In a separate folder, place
    a. the original demo mix,
    b. your instructions and notes,
    c. reference mixes.
  3. Send your files to me with WeTransfer (up to 2GB) or Filemail (up to 50 GB). Either are quick and reliable or use another file transfer method of your choice. Don’t attach them to email.

Can I send and receive my files on CD/DVD ?

Yes. CDs can be addressed to Rob Transini, P. O. Box 549, Prospect East Post Office, Adelaide 5082 with a handling fee of $29. Files can also be sent to you by CD/DVD but will incur a handling fee of $49 + postage. Pay with direct debit (see below).

Can you embed UPS/EAN & ISRC codes on the CD tracks?

Yes. These codes can be embedded in the wave metadata before burning the CD/DVD. However, you need to supply
the codes to me beforehand. The codes can be obtained from http://isrc.ifpi.org/contact/national-agency-contacts#A

Do I need to use a Cue Sheet?

Only broadcast license holders using music in TV or films need to fill out and send a cue sheet to the broadcaster. A cue sheet records the details of all the songs and instrumentals used in the production. The owner of the production sends the completed cue sheet to the broadcaster. The local Performing Rights Organization (PRO) then uses this information to track the use of music in films and TV. All the fees are paid by the broadcaster not the producer and are an important income source for all composers. All the information you need for your cue sheet is contained in your invoice.
Contact your local PRO for their cue sheet. For Australian productions go to APRA/AMCOS

Should I credit the composer in the production credits?

Crediting the composer adds credibility to your project by making it less anonymous and you may also gain some credit by association. It also helps the composer. smiley

Are all my personal and credit card details safe?

PayPal is a trusted world wide payment system that uses encrypted data handling protocols in its transfers and has a money back guarantee.

Can I use Direct Debit to securely transfer money to you?

Yes. The direct debit protocols are encrypted too, resulting in a safe transfer system.

Direct Debit payments may be made to

Robert Transini

BSB: 805050

Account Number: 04318789