Commissioned Music

Commissioned Music

Produced exclusively for you.

Link your brand to a unique soundtrack.

Create an immersive media experience.

Work with the composer to your specifications.

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Your product branding profiles are exclusively linked to your soundtracks which underscore identity, content and continuity. With high profile adverts and promotions, you can’t afford to have your soundtracks played in other companies’ presentations.

Music written especially for your promotion and corporate presentation reinforces and protects your brand identity with the quality assurance that your customers look for, before buying.

In-depth analysis and advice

Your video project may need a more comprehensive service where a shared vision and a longer term working relationship is key to the project’s success. Receive a complete package where all the audio requirements are considered in detail with consultation with key stakeholders, focusing on ways to give your soundtrack greater internal consistency and balance between the dialogue, music, sound design and effects.

Professional analysis of your video project will advise on

1       audio spotting – locate the positioning and timing of your underscore.

2       music editing – music selection for titles, opening & closing credits.

3       sound design – placement of foley, incidental ambiance and textures.

4       stem mixes – M & E, organising tracking and mixing requirements.

5       surround sound – 5.1 encoding and sound-stage placement.*

*compositional aspects only, not software issues.

Custom music will give you exactly the music you want. You can choose the mood, feel, instrumentation and duration of the soundtrack pieces. Direct how you’d like to integrate the music and special effects with your message and emotional content.

Work with a composer with a proven track record, having written for the ABC, Channel 9 and QANTAS . Have someone that listens, discusses, and accurately interprets your needs with sensitivity and style.

Finding music for your video project can be difficult if there are transitions that you want the music to follow. Having music specially composed for your video may be the best solution if you want the soundtrack to closely match the video, particularly if you want to integrate multiple related themes as found in top shelf productions. Now you can control the hit-points and have the music and effects heighten and emphasise the content at every stage of your delivery.

Contact me personally to discuss your requirements, timeline and budget or ask for a quick quote to receive a quote tailored to your needs within 24 hours.

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