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Mixing Info

Any number of tracks in Stereo, 5.1 Surround, Vocal & Drum Editing, Noise Reduction, Tape & Valve Mixdown, Alternate & Stem mixes, ADR, Live Mix & Record.


Mastering Info

Stereo, 5.1 Surround, Tape & Valve Mastering, Stem Masters.


Track Recording Info

Add and Replace tracks in your mixes. Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar tracks. Also Sampler & Synthesizer, Drums & Percussion.


Song Production Info

Complete backing tracks packages for your Demos through to full Release songs. Remixes and song updates. Electric, Acoustic and Electronic instruments for all styles.


Custom Services Info

Music composed exclusively for Apps, Games, TV, Film, Web Video, Corporate Promotion & Training. Recording Studio Design and Build. AV consultation for Film & Video.


Library Music Info

Full length Instrumentals & Songs, Stings, 30 sec pieces, Albums and Theme Sets. Exclusive to this site. Low cost, fixed price, unlimited permanent license. Royalty free.

As a studio engineer/producer, Rob really brings out the best in his clients. As a songwriter/musician, Rob’s theoretical knowledge and his ability to take risks enables him to write songs and music that leaps out at you from outside the box. If you work with Rob you’re working with the best.
Corey StewartSinger/Songwriter/Musician/Blogger,

I guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.

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Have your songs and soundtracks beautifully
by an award-winning music producer.

Are you noticing a distinct difference between your mixes and what you’re hearing on the radio and the net? Have a dedicated music professional take your mixes to the next level.

Your mixes will be balanced. The vocals sit right with the backing tracks. Get the bass to work with the drums to drive the guitars and synths.

Hear everything you recorded. Clean up murky dull-sounding instruments that obscure other sounds. Create the 3D soundstage where every sound is clean, clear and sitting in its own space.

Revitalise your mix. Put energy and presence into your vocals and drums. Fatten the bass. Bring your guitars and synths back to life.



Master your music to full commercial broadcast standard.


With the perfect mix comes the perfect master. Polish up and boost your mix. Hear a crisp, punchy and fat sound ready for commercial airplay and sale.

Master your mix stems individually and run them through stereo valve pre-amps to bring in the analog warmth.

You’ll be amazed at how good they sound.

Track Record

Replace and add new instruments.

Rejuvenate your music and bring it back up to broadcast standard. If your music seems to be lacking something or it’s not sounding quite right, then your mixes may need one or more instruments added or replaced.

It could be as simple as redoing a track or adding any number of extra tracks to fill things out. Anything from keyboards to strings or fx can be blended in.


Song Production & Remixes

New backing tracks or remix.


Do you have a song you want recorded but you’re not sure how to go about it? Arrange your backing tracks in the style you want.

If your song is sounding a bit tired you might need a remix to modernise it. Bring your songs up to date and sounding fresh with a whole new remixed backing track.

Custom Music

Exclusive Music, AV Consultation, Studio Design and Build.

Need something special for your next video, corporate presentation, event or film? Sometimes music libraries don’t have what you need. You can choose the style, mood, duration and the instrumentation that suits your particular project.

Work with someone that has the skill set, technical know-how, experience and the ability to instinctively understand media and translate that knowledge into a soundtrack that carries the emotional impact of your message and delivers it with style within the timeframe and budget.

Have your studio designed and built by an award-winning studio designer and builder. Starting from studio plans for DIY projects through to multi-room projects with architect-backed design, drafting and project management for the complete build.


Library Music

Browse the music library and select soundtracks.

Enhance your video and film project with one of my soundtracks or songs.

Choose from broadcast-quality pieces ready for all occasions, ranging from advertising stings to cinematic soundtracks.

These pieces are exclusive to this site and good value for money.