Hi All

My first bit of news for the site  shows the Phoebe “How to” video with the newly produced soundtrack featuring multiple ukuleles. My nine year old nephew elected to play ukulele when I told him I’ll pay for his lessons (which aren’t cheap), buy him a quality mahogany uke AND learn how to play it with him (so I get some value for my lessons money plus we get to play together). It only seemed fair to write my next piece with my newly acquired skills. It really wasn’t that hard as it was like playing a really small guitar with two of the strings missing and the remaining strings tuned in a mysterious “C” chord with a high “A” string added. Really weird tuning. When I first came across it I really thought they were having me on. Why would anyone do this? It turns out that the uke first appeared in Hawaii around the turn of the century, brought in by drunken mariners. That explains the tuning at least. As it turns out the uke was surprisingly easy to play and despite all my initial reservations, I took to it like a duck to water, a balloon to air,…you get the picture or rather the video which came out rather well. Here it is;